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Healthy food for the diabetic patient to gain weight


If you have type 2 diabetes, staying strong and maintaining a healthy body weight is especially crucial as you age. If you need to gain weight, the following suggestions might assist.

Eat your meals and snacks regularly.

If you have trouble eating larger meals, eat more often. Each day, try to eat three modest meals and three snacks.

Even if you don’t feel hungry, try to eat at regular intervals.

Every day, eat a variety of meals from each of the five dietary categories.

Increase the number of calories and protein in your meals and snacks.

Some meals may help you gain weight without raising your blood glucose (sugar) levels much. These foods are high in:

Meat, fish, poultry, beans, eggs, almonds, and full-cream dairy foods are all high in protein.

Margarine, avocado, nut kinds of butter, oil, and salad dressing are all high in energy.

Ideas for high-energy, high-protein meals and snacks

Avocado, cream cheese, peanut butter, or dip should be liberally spread over toast or crackers.

Toss veggies with more oil, margarine, shredded cheese, or a cheesy sauce.

On multigrain bread, scrambled eggs.

A curried egg, salmon, lean ham, or sliced roast beef sandwich.

Make every bite count. Avoid meals and beverages that don’t provide you with much energy (such as plain fruits, vegetables, and water). Instead, start with the meals on your plate that are high in calories and protein.

For additional suggestions, go to the High Energy and High Protein Foods page.

Drinks with a lot of energy and protein are a good choice.

If you have trouble eating solid meals, consider liquids and soups richer in calories and protein.

Try milkshakes, fruit smoothies, or coffee made entirely with milk.

Adding milk powder to your milk drink can give it a boost. To do so, combine two teaspoons of milk powder with 250mL milk.

Soups containing meat, vegetables, and legumes like kidney beans, split peas, or chickpeas may be creamy or chunky. Creamy soups may also benefit from the addition of milk powder.

Instead of three large meals a day, eat six little ones.

Increasing your calorie intake is the only method to acquire weight. The key is to consume nutritious food every three hours or so before your body begins to burn fat for energy.

It takes some effort and preparation to become acclimated to eating this way. It does not imply skipping supper with the family or skipping lunch with friends. However, it does include keeping track of what you consume to ensure that your intake is as nutrient- and calorie-dense as possible.

Instead of drinking fluids during meals, try to do it an hour or more before or immediately afterward.

Consume more nutritious carbohydrates throughout the day.

Maintaining stable blood sugar levels requires eating carbs with a low glycemic index. While including nutritious carbohydrates into your six-meals day’ strategy may aid weight growth, monitoring your glucose levels is critical.

Best Diet For Health

When you eat a carb, adding protein or fat may help you consume more calories without causing your blood sugar to surge.

Avoid Low-calories meals and drinks.

You must consume at least 500 more calories every day to gain weight. Choosing calorie-dense meals will make it easier to achieve that target.

If you can’t get enough low-calorie favorites like celery and lettuce, here are several methods to increase their calorie count.

Try incorporating celery in the chicken salad if you like it crunchy. Instead of eating a stalk plain, you may stuff it with cream cheese or nut butter.

Can’t get enough of lettuce? Simply top with cheese, nuts, and avocado slices, or drizzle with blue cheese dressing the best diet for health.


Diabetes might be challenging to manage at first, but it becomes much simpler after you know all the facts and nutrition information.

Managing your symptoms and improving your overall health may be as simple as eating meals with a low GI and GL, reducing your intake of alcohol and trans and saturated fats, taking your medicines as recommended by your doctor, and monitoring your blood sugar levels. Instead, it may be nutritious, flavorful, and simple to prepare.

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