healthy food to improve children immunity

Improve Children’s immunity and promote health from the daily diet.

Life is full of invisible viruses and bacteria. To protect children’s health, parents have to improve their children’s immunity from their daily diet, physical activities, and daily routines. In addition, by teaching children the concepts and practices of maintaining health, making good use of child preventive health services, and avoiding crowded places during the epidemic season, children can be less likely to be affected by diseases.

What kind of food can improve the immunity of children 

What should we do if our child’s immunity declines What to eat for children with weakened immunity? Some foods can improve a child’s immunity? Dear mothers, for the healthy growth of children, come and take a look.

Yellow and green vegetables

If the child’s stomach and intestines are not healthy, it will affect the health of the entire human body and at the same time lead to a decline in immunity. Therefore, in daily life, mothers must pay attention to protecting the health of the baby’s intestines and stomach. Experts suggest that mothers should prepare more foods containing fiber for their babies. It can effectively prevent constipation and provide a smooth and good absorption environment for the intestines. In addition to fiber foods, you should also eat more foods containing fructooligosaccharides, the most common of which are fruits and vegetables. 

zucchini, vegetables, green zucchini

Fructooligosaccharides can help the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, just like laying an immune carpet in the small intestine and large intestine, but many babies don’t like to eat vegetables. At this time, mothers can chop up vegetables and mix them with cereals or meat to make balls or dumplings. This way the child will be more receptive.

Sweet potatoes.

In daily life, mothers can also let the baby eat more sweet potatoes. Research has found that eating more sweet potatoes can effectively enhance the skin’s resistance. It can be said that the skin is the largest member of our body’s immune system. It can help the body effectively resist bacteria, viruses, and other external aggressions. It is also the first barrier of our body. Vitamin A contained in food plays an important role in the process of connective skin tissue, and the best way to supplement vitamin a is to obtain beta carotene from food.


tomato, bunch, mature

Babies with weak immunity should eat more tomatoes as much as possible in their usual diet, because tomatoes contain a large number of powerful antioxidant factors, such as lycopene, carotene, vitamin E and c, etc., these nutrients can be Help your baby to effectively enhance immunity. At the same time, lycopene can also repair damaged cells and protect cells from damage. Studies have found that lycopene can also reduce the mortality of babies caused by severe diarrhea.

Mushroom food

The polysaccharides contained in food can help babies significantly improve immunity, but not all foods contain polysaccharides, which are generally more common in mushroom foods. It can significantly enhance the baby’s immune function, and it can also effectively improve the child’s cardiovascular function. For example, in the (Tremella) genus of fungi, studies have found that there are 17 kinds of amino acids in ( Tremella) genus of fungi, in addition to calcium, vitamins, and other nutrients. 

These substances have the effect of nourishing yin and lungs, nourishing body fluids, and nourishing the stomach. In addition, there are the most common foods such as mushrooms and mushrooms in daily life. The polysaccharides contained in these two foods are more abundant, so they can effectively prevent rickets and anemia in babies.

Chicken soup

In terms of what children eat to improve immunity, chicken soup is definitely the most popular food for children, and chicken soup is not only delicious but also the most delicious cold medicine. This is because the cysteine ​​released by chicken during cooking is very similar to acetylcysteine, the drug used to treat bronchitis, and adding a little salt in the chicken soup can effectively reduce the symptoms of phlegm. . 

Therefore, in normal life, if you want to improve your child’s immunity, you might as well let your child drink more chicken soup. When making chicken soup, you can also put some onions or garlic in an appropriate amount, so that its effect is more significant.

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